CHIN UP! with Nassya Sol is a weekly YouTube show that takes a light approach to heavy subjects, with a Deeper Dive into the issues in written form posted on Sundays after each episode.

Nassya Sol

Nassya’s curiosity about the world was demonstrated early on, when at the tender age of 18 months she poured a bottle of laundry bluing over her head and body. Although her life as a toddler Smurf was brief the inquisitiveness (and love of bold hair choices) has stayed with her ever since.

As a result of moving quite a few countries (fun fact: she has never lived in one city for more than six consecutive years) and spending half of her life in the former Soviet Union and Russia and half in the United States (with stints in Europe and Asia), Nassya has often felt as an outsider with a full insider dossier. She may have been well-suited for a career in spy craft, but instead she chose a more humanist path. (Also, nobody offered to recruit her…)

At a time when the world feels like a dumpster fire one step before a zombie apocalypse, she hopes to bring some humor and clarity on the current events. As well as share her love of obscure facts, history, and social sciences. 

Нася Сол

Любопытство об окружающем мире проснулось в Насе рано – в возрасте 1,5 лет она вылила на себя бутыль синьки. Хотя её жизнь в роли маленькой Смурфики оказалась краткосрочной – любознательность (и любовь к дерзким прическам) осталась с ней навсегда.

Частые переезды (Нася не жила ни одном городе больше шести последовательных лет) и то что пол-жизни она провела в СССР и России – а половину в Америке (с этапами в Европе и Азии) порой заставляли её чувствовать себя как свою среди чужих и чужую среди своих. Может быть, она могла бы и шпионкой стать (хотя кто бы её взял?), но выбрала путь гуманиста.

В то время, когда мир горит и кажется что на днях начнут атаковать зомби, ей хочется привнести юмора и доступно объяснить, что же происходит. И наконец-то использовать свою любовь к малоизвестным фактам, истории и социальным наукам в полезных целях.

Celeste Sharp

Celeste is behind the scenes doing the necessary research, as well as editing each video episode.

She is a recent Cal State Fullerton graduate where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and American Studies. When she isn’t debating her family and friends on recent politics or social justice issues, and if not for the pandemic, she would most likely be enjoying a live concert or festival and enjoying the way music seems to connect different kinds of people from various walks of life and provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life. 

She believes that the key to a properly functioning democracy is a well-informed public. She hopes that her passion for research, writing and the many American cultures can guide her in working toward that vision of society.